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How to Install Plugins from Another Site?

You can get your themes from any website you want. One example of such theme website is ThemeForest Themes. There you will find countless themes to choose from which will work for various niches. One such example of this is RenHub downloads. After you done with themes, you will have to install plugins for them. Installing plugins is very easy using the WordPress GPL dashboard. But it isn't so using FTP. Yet it is something which you will need to know in case the WordPress-Plugin Directory isn't working. 

So follow the following steps to get plugins from FTP:

  • Head on to the page for plugins. There you will get the plugins for WordPress from the directory website. 
  • After that make sure to click on the red glowing download button. This will let you transfer io the plugin file right to your computer. Do keep in mind that this plugin file will be in zip file. So to proceed you will have to indeed unzip the files. There are plenty of websites online that will unzip files for you so you can use them or opt for an app. But this won't be necessary since there are inbuilt apps right in the computer itself that will open the zip file. 
  • Once you have opened the file, extract up the directory which is inside it and then place it where it will easily accessible on your PC. 
  • Now go to the folder for wp-content that is present right within where WordPress-installation is being done for the website. Make sure you know where the location is of the WordPress installation before going forward. 
  • So inside the wp-content you will find that there are themes and plugins with others. Go to the directory for the plugins. Go inside the directory where the plugins are placed. Upload the folder right to the plugins-directory on the web server. 

That's all that you need to do. Because the next time you check your dashboard, the plugins will be there and you can create or blog what you want till your heart's content.